New d5 adventure to be released; followed by new RPG ruleset!

Coming soon is a brand new adventure module to be used freely with the OGL 3.5 edition of Dungeons and Dragons. It closely resembles the tone and timbre of Oriental Adventures, quite popular back in the day whose supporters remain today. The Gift  will be fully compatible with the SRD and d20 systems.

The module, The Gift,  will be closely followed by a brand new campaign ruleset; a first for Dementia Five Publishing House. It will attract fans of ninjitsu style melee, offer an entire beastiary of mythological beasts closely associated with the orient and possess the infinite spiritual possibilities commonly associated with Asian fable and tradition.

Two additional adventure modules will follow after The Gift, in support of the ruleset.

The Giftwhat begins as a simple escort of a gift to a powerful lord in a foreign land leads to a series of uncanny events that risk more than the lives of a party of adventurers, rather the fate of their eternal souls. Deceit, vengeance and dark revelations follow the party as they explore a dark fantasy world called Kaidan: a Japanese Ghost Story setting. Kaidan is a breathtaking empire of samurai, ninja and undead lords rich in legend, culture and nightmares.

The Gift is a mini-campaign arc and an introduction to Kaidan, a dark fantasy setting of oriental myth and gothic horror. It is a world sure to make the bravest adventurer’s blood run cold.