New d5 campaign adventure available for download!

Compatible with Edition 3.5 of the most popular fantasy RPG in the world!

HF2 РThe Legacy of Doku an all new OGL adventure 

A simple invitation to a Victorian ball leads to most extraordinary events. In this period piece module, your group of adventurers is solicited by a renowned aristocrat to lead a reconnaissance team. Your quarry: two escaped patients from a local asylum. Of course, things are not always what they seem; indeed a number of macabre events force the players to question the mission and its unspeakable agenda… which ultimately leads to a most untidy, and undead, conclusion. Filled with suspense, shock and horror, this is a tale that binds the best of historical drama within the narrative of a contemporary vampire story.

A period piece OGL dungeon-crawling adventure in the old style RPG tradition! For character levels 8-10.

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