Welcome to the Realm of Dementia 5

The mission behind d5 is to offer a truly unique experience for avid fans of historical fantasy, and offer a wealth of goods and products that cater to this community.

In no small part, such voracious readers have a keen interest in role-playing games, and to this end, products and downloads are made available for the RPG gamer to serve as backdrop for their campaigns.

Finally, this is a publishing house. All of our materials are disseminated in electronic format. Some of our d5 products are freely distributable and cost nothing to download. Others consist of original material, and can be had at small cost. We are always on the lookout for new material, so if you think you would like to contribute, whether it be historical fiction, web comics or RPG materials (campaigns, or gaming aids) please inform us in order to begin a cooperative effort and get your story told!