Victorian Presence on the Internet

In my travels, I’ve observed and contributed to ¬†forums dedicated to RPGs, Wicca, Druidism, Occult, Fairies, Gothic, the spiritual and the underworld.

But… not too much on Victorian literature or culture.

In what I have discovered, the sum and substance of these message¬†boards oscillate between a scholastic understudy, and a pandering to the unadulterated fan of the genre. I think both contribute to a forum’s success.

But again, I’m not seeing much in the presence of the Victorian period. Why? I don’t think anyone would deny that some of the richest, most robust English writing is drawn from, and continues to be influenced by, the makers of this period.

Seeing as how we at d5 are presently working on a campaign that draws heavily from this setting, I took some ownership of this and started a Victorian Literature board in the forum. Nowhere can it be said that d5 does not provide the proper salvation for historically important elements like these…

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  1. admin

    I agree. There is too much commonality with the Victorian era to ignore their contribution to contemporary fantasy and even RPG gaming.

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