Celtic and Gaelic Sensibilities

Why all this attention toward the Celtic mythos? Well, with all the different settings and backdrops that make up RPGs today, I think it is fair to say that the majority of role-players find themselves cast in a misty mountain, dungeon crawling, woodsy-swampy setting most of the time. There are never enough elves, or spirits to contend with, or ballads and sagas from which the adventures are written and recited… do you see the trend?

The fact is, I’ve seen precious few resources dedicated to the niche of Celtic/Gaelic culture as I have toward medieval RPG play. I would argue that, with the exception of some oriental mythos, it is the longest lasting and most prolific of all folk-tales; we all grew up with them, and if we stretch the Fey to include the elvish community, they have the loudest voice. So here we are today.

So, enjoy these resources and others, as an làmb a bheir, ‘s i a gheibh.

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