Review of Fly From Here by Yes

Yes - Fly From Here

Time to get excited about Yes again! Ten years have passed since their last effort, Magnification, was released, and although it was credible and solid, I thought at its worst it began to show the age of the band proper, showcasing at times their struggle to stay musically affluent within the microclimate of today’s progressive …

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Ghost Mountains?

Ghost Mountains... and Floating Trees beyond

It is well known that, as far as computer RPGs go, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion from Bethesda is a masterpiece on many levels: the level of immersion, the attention to detail and the rote but comfortable storyline that supports the main quest, which on its own delivers many, many hours of enjoyment to even the die-hard …

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Uru Live: Myst Online returns to the gaming community

Screenshots from Uru Live

Myst, developed by Cyan Worlds and distributed by Brøderbund Software, was the most successful interactive computer game of its age (1993 – 2003), selling over 12 million copies, remaining on top until it was toppled by the Sim City series in 2002. Myst and its brethren possess a number of unique qualities, not the least …

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Vertigo Reviews: American Vampire #1

Cover for American Vampire #1

Cover for American Vampire #1 Just when you thought you have heard enough vampire tales, American Vampire arrives without much fanfare and delivers memorable characters, in a memorable setting. This is a refreshing tale of the undead written by Scott Snyder and Stephen King, with artwork by Rafael Albuquerque, set after the Dust Bowl period …

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Possibilities of a Virtual Library: The Future for eBooks

As an obvious bibliophile, I find that books, of the paper variety, have more than just a little charm to them. Stephen King has referred to books as furniture, in that they have a tangible, physical presence that electronic downloads haven’t quite mustered yet. I will go a step further saying there is something about the …

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New d5 adventure to be released; followed by new RPG ruleset!

Coming soon is a brand new adventure module to be used freely with the OGL 3.5 edition of Dungeons and Dragons. It closely resembles the tone and timbre of Oriental Adventures, quite popular back in the day whose supporters remain today. The Gift  will be fully compatible with the SRD and d20 systems. The module, The …

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New d5 campaign adventure available for download!

Compatible with Edition 3.5 of the most popular fantasy RPG in the world! HF2 – The Legacy of Doku an all new OGL adventure  A simple invitation to a Victorian ball leads to most extraordinary events. In this period piece module, your group of adventurers is solicited by a renowned aristocrat to lead a reconnaissance team. …

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Wizards of the Coast abandons ebook PDF format

Wizards of the Coast has halted all production of Dungeons and Dragons publications in electronic format. In an expedited motion, WotC has issued a statement that  Adobe (Acrobat) scanned publications will no longer be made available to the public from their website or their distributors. According to WotC President Leeds, the decision was devised as a …

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Two more products for the Dementia 5 and Dime shop!

Two more accessories have been added to “The Dementia 5 and Dime” store; HFG1 – THE STONE OF THE DAOINE SIDHE (adapted for the Fantasy Grounds VTT, called “something new and fresh in the RPG World!”    – Andy Taylor, Three-Headed Troll” ) and MP1 – FANTASY MAP PACK, a fine compilation of world maps ideal for …

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New RPG campaign available for download!

A new RPG adventure module HF1 The Stone of the Daoine Sidhe is available for purchase at the “Dementia 5 and Dime” store. The shop is opened for a limited time to promote this OGL product at a reduced cost, while the rest of the merchandise is being prepared for store integration. Click here to …

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