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Author Topic: Some Gaelic expressions and vocabulary  (Read 3068 times)
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« on: March 06, 2009, 12:39:37 PM »

Just giving a little back. Here are some common Gaelic expressions that would not be out of place in Fey:


an té a chaillfeas a chlú, caillfidh sé a náire - He who loses reputation, loses shame.
an saol nua-aoiseach - the life of today’s world
an làmb a bheir, ‘s i a gheibh. The hand that gives is the hand that gets
Chomh sean leis an cheo agus níos sine faoi dhó- As old as mist and older by two.
Is leor nod don eolac- a hint is enough for the wise.
Nár lagaí Dia do lámh!, Go n-éirí an bóthar leat!- More power unto you. May the road succeed with you!
ní dhíolann dearmad fiacha- a debt remains unpaid, even if forgotten
slawn ogg-us ban-ocked lyat- Goodbye and blessings with you

Bean-Nighe – [ben-neeyah]- a banshee often near lakes and streams who can be seen washing the blood off of the clothing of people who will meet a bad fate.
cath [koh] battle
cloch - stone
cosán – path
Cwm Annwn - spirits of unbaptised children
Daoine Sídhe [deenie shee]- divine faeries who live under the earth and water.
Herlethingus - mindless mortals entrapped by entourage of the Raed
le fada - a long time
fadbhreathnaìoch- prophetic, of oracle nature
leannàn sì [lan-awn shee] faerie lover
lios [liss] - faerie mound
meon- mind
Na Sìogaì [na shee-ogue-ee] -faerie folk
neart- powerful
saol [seel]- life
scamall- cloud
socrù- arrangement
Tuatha Dé Danann- Celtic Gods
Tylwyth Teg- faerie folk
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Favorite drink

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« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2009, 01:08:08 PM »

Not that it means anything, but I've read the pronunciation for Daione Sidh is "theena shee".

Another fey that intrigues me is the Baobhan Sidhe (pronounced: Bovan shee), which is a blood drinking faerie.

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