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Author Topic: Submission guidelines  (Read 4592 times)
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« on: February 23, 2009, 12:53:38 AM »

Check back on this post, as it will be treated as a living document.

Q: What can I submit?
A: The short answer is anything you own. Submissions cannot be trademarked (as in Middle Earth), nor can they be copy written (as in Amazing Spider-man, or Elric of Melnibone). Essentially, it is intellectual property owned by you.

Q: Can I submit material that has origins in the public domain?
A: Yes. Public domain means material that is available to all and therefore not governed by copyright protection. Public domain in this context refers to published text, but generally it applies to any intellectual property.

More information can be found on the following page:

Q: Is d20 OGL still active?
A: OGL means Open Game License, which d20 is a "member", but support for it is being halted by WotC. Previous incarnations are still legitimate. The System Reference Document (SRD) is Open Game Content (OGC) which stems from the OGL, however, the d20 license required the use of OGL.

The d20 OGL was applicable to D&D 3.x line of products, but that is being replaced this fall by Pathfinder Role Playing System.

For 4th Edition D&D a new open license standard (GSL or Game System License)  has been erected, as found in the following :

there is discussion towards a GSL for non-Fantasy based products under 4th edition rules.

Q: Does it cost anything to submit material to the website/publisher?
A: Only if it is free to download. There is still overhead for d5 to cover in this instance; for each submission sent with the intent to distribute to the public through this website a $2 regulatory fee is imposed for each not-for-profit transcript, in order to match the margin.

Q: How do I go about sending a manuscript?
A: Click the "Contribute" link on the home page for details. You will be contacted afterwards for possible contract negotiatiation.

Q: How much money will I make?
A: Before this can be answered, we would need to see the manuscript. The best that can be said about electronic downloading of published materials is the low cost of overhead. Still, maintaining the web site, processing payments and server maintenance adds up, so we incur a 30% seller's fee for distribution. Like all things, profit is based on quantities sold.

Q: Is there a fee for reading my work?
A: No, reviewing is free. We also have a staff that offers editorial services for free.
Q: If I sign your contract, will I have to pay a fee?
A: No, payment is strictly under royalty. Whatever is sold through our website, we take 30% to cover costs.
Q: Should the manuscript be copy written before submitting?
A: It is not required, but we can have it copy written in your name for a fee.

Q: Should the manuscript be completed before it is considered?
A: In the best interests of both parties, it should be completed past the proofreading point. If it is unfinished, it would be proper to notify d5 that a finished manuscript is forthcoming.

Q: Do you supply illustrations? Should I include them?
A: We can supply illustrations for a fee. We cater to both demands.

Q: Will you publish my manuscript if it is controversial?
A: This is a common question. In the realm of fantasy fiction, or role-playing, the medium warrants some controversy, yet we will work with the author to this point. Please note that controversy does not constitute libelous or slanderous statements.

Q: Can I post artwork that is mature or of an adult nature?
A: We are not prudish, but would tag the subject header as adult oriented or "18+"

Q: Will you return my manuscript promptly if we do not agree on a publication contract?
A: Yes

Q: Will you ever publish on paper?
A: At this point in time, we do not, but already there has been discussion about performing this service in the future.

Q: Who determines the price point for a download?
Price point on a manuscript would be mutually agreed upon, once it goes through an editorial review.

Q: What kind of PR or advertising can be done for my document?
So far, traffic to the site has belied advertising, so on our end it has been fairly minimal. We are holding off on project specific advertising for now, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be considered with the right project.
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